How Safe Are Credit Cards?

Monday, March 20, 2017

In these days of digital era, you can hardly find anyone who live without at least a credit card or a debit card. Almost everyone who has a srteady job has one or two of these electronic cards. Heck, I know some college students who possess one given by their parents.

No doubt, credit card makes payment easy and fast and it's very convenient when it comes to buying big purchases without carrying so many cash with you but I am one who believe that everything has its pros and cons.

With the new measures taken this year by allowing consumers to just wave or tap their cards on the machine to pay is making me feel a little bit scared actually. On my Mum's request, I went for grocery shopping today and when I hand over my credit card to the cashier, he just tap it on the machine and it's done! I was like, that's it? I don't have to sign anything? You don't even need me to key-in my six-digit PIN number to verify?

No signature needed, no PIN number needed because the amount was below RM 250, which means if someone else has your card in their hands, they could just go shopping and pay without having to forge your signature and absolutely don't need to guess your six-digit PIN number. 

How easy is that? Convenient? Yes, very indeed. The more convenient one thing is, the more dangerous it is. Do the credit card companies think two hundred fifty is not a big amount? Regardless on how they assure the consumers on their safety, I hold on to the principle of Nothing Is Safe in this world. Well, what do you think on this subject?

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  1. I've wondered about the safety of this as well. Especially after my card was used to make several online purchases exceeding $1000 last year. But I think one way to keep it safer is to tap the card yourself. I hate it when cashiers insist on taking the card and tapping on the machine when I'm more than capable of doing it myself, when the machine is on the counter.

    1. Oh gosh! Sorry to hear about your card was being used. Did you make a report to the bank and did you manage to clear that amount from your statement? Gosh, that's so scary!


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