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Monday, December 12, 2016

Thank you Soap Salon for sending me their lovely handmade products for me to try. After unpacking from the box, I took a photo of the products they sent me which you can see from the photo above. They sent me Menthol & Charcoal soap, Goat’s Milk soap, Lime & Mint foot soak, and a bottle of English Lavender Body Oil.

After a few weeks of using their products, here’s my review on it. Let’s start with the Menthol & Charcoal soap. First of all, I like the shape of the soap because most of the soaps are oval shape, but this is made into a squarish shape which I find it unique and different from the ones you see in the market.

Another thing I like about it is that once you wet the soap, you only need to rub it twice on your hand and it will lather quite well with sufficient amount to be applied on your face. I have tried it on my face and body and to be honest, I like it better when I use it to cleanse my body. It gives a very clean but not too dry afterwash.

The English Lavender Body Oil has a very flagrantly smell which I love it when I apply on my arms and hands after shower. It gives a very smooth and nice texture on my skin.

The Lime & Mint Foot Soak is the perfect gift you could give to your feet. Don’t forget to pamper your feet because they take you to places and it’s the most neglected area of our body. I was very surprised and happy to know that Soap Salon comes out with such product for our feet. This foot soak not only sooth the leg muscle and relieve aches, This natural antiseptic foot soak also stimulates blood circulation, draws out toxins and removes odour.

After using the Menthol & Charcoal soap for more than two weeks, I decided to change to try the goat’s milk soap. I love the shape of the soap and the colour of it. It lathers very well after you wet the soap with water and I find my skin very clean and smooth after using it.

Soap Salon recently turns ONE on 22 November 2016! HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY to Soap Salon! May you guys continue to produce more good quality handmade body products! I hope to try out their other products in future.

Soap Salon products are available at the following outlets:

Curiosity Nook in Kelana Jaya
Natural Marketplace in SS2, Petaling Jaya
Casa del Rio in Melaka 

Instagram: soapsalon
Website: www.soapsalon.weebly.com

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