Forêt Blanc Patisserie Dessert Store Grand Opening

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Banana Leaf Waffle
Chai spices-flavoured waffle served with homemade coconut ice cream, 
chilli mango jelly, toasted coconut, mango curry chantilly.

I want to thank my brother for his invitation to the grand opening of his and his partner's desserts store, Forêt Blanc Patisserie. Prior to this, they have been doing very well with their cakes supplying to many cafes and restaurants as well as to customers who want custom-made cakes for special occasions such as birthdays, company event, etc.

I feel extremely happy for them in seeing their dreams being realised with another new wing added into their business venture. Congratulations and may your business flourish abundantly! From their menu, I tried the Banana Leaf Waffle (photo above). If you're interested to try their desserts or cakes, below is the address.

Forêt Blanc Patisserie
Address: 49-G, Petaling Utama Avenue, Jalan PJS 1/50, Taman Petaling Utama, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia


I Miss You

Saturday, April 15, 2017

When it hits the chorus part, my tears just flow like waterfalls. The lyric goes...

有時候 有時候
相聚離開 都有時候

Which translates to...

There are times when I believe that everything has an end
Meeting and parting has its time
There is nothing that would last eternally

The words are just so sad. Gosh! But when I listen to this song today, I didn't cry. I guessed I have cried enough but deep down in my heart, I want to let you know that I would still think of you. I doubt that I will ever forget you, my friend.

There are things that will remind me of you. For instance when I'm thinking where to go for my holiday trip, it reminds me of you because nearly each time when I have no clue of where to go, I would ask you for ideas or suggestions till the extent you would get so annoyed. Hahaha.

You have taught me a lot about travelling because you travelled more than me, that is why you're my no.1 source whenever I need help. You gave me tips, taught me where to search for cheap flights, where to compare prices, where to plan the bus and train schedule, how to buy bus tickets in advance and many many more to be listed out one by one.

Thanks to you, I managed to plan my first grand trip to Europe in 2015 covering 8 cities in 4 countries. I was so proud of my achievement and I can't thank you enough for all your help. Unforunately, you went too soon. I missed your funeral because I only got to know about your passing weeks later.

You know, there are days when I imagined you would suddenly text me to say you're still here, that you just faked your death to play a prank. I also imagined I would receive a personal handwritten letter from you someday in the future, telling me everything you've been wanting to tell. I will wait for that letter.

From the bottom of my heart, I really hope and wish you have found your peace and that you're now in a place where you have no sufferings, no pain, no worries. This song was one of your favourites. When you sent me the CD, I didn't really like it and I don't understand at all, but now that you're gone, I finally understood how you see life all these time. Rest in peace, my dear friend.

I miss you.


Backpackers Begging Money For Their Travel Trip

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Image credit: Twitter

I came across this post shared by my friend on Facebook and the title Gap Yah backpackers begging for money should be ashamed of themselves caught my attention because I'm also a solo backpacker who loves to travel around the world, therefore it somewhat irks me inside.

My first reaction was "What's wrong with begging for money?". According to the writer, these begpackers (a new term I learned from the article), are backpackers who beg for money across some of the poorest countries in the world by selling postcards, photographs of their travel trips, or busking on the streetside.

I know how the writer must have felt about those backpackers who are trying to get money to fund their holiday trips which seems to be a luxury many will never have the opportunity to do so, while the real beggars are begging to have enough to feed the family. The scenario seems to be unfair to the poor beggars who now have to somehow compete with foreigners in getting the mercy from strangers.

Yes, it may seem unfair to the real beggars and you would think that it's natural that backpackers should control and monitor their spending while they're on the road but to the extent the writer said they should be ashamed of themselves for begging doesn't feel right to me.

From my perspective, they are not stealing. They are not scamming people by trying to sell fake products, so what is there to be ashamed of? They are not kidnapping or smuggling drugs. As I know, some travel bloggers ask their readers to donate money to fund for their next trip.

As long as people are willing to donate, I don't see why not. They do not force you to donate, it is your own choice. As for those backpackers who beg on the street, people have the choice whether to put their money into the tin of the real beggar who is poor or to the backpackers. The choice is yours.

I don't think it's something shameful and there's nothing to be ashamed of. What do you think? Do you think backpackers should not condone to such act to fund for their trip?

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